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Do you want semi-permanent cosmetics services?

Opting for Nicki Miles PMU means selecting the expertise of a skilled semi-permanent makeup artist. With us, you have the option to select from a range of styles including the ultra-natural hairstroke brows made using a machine, the classic ombré brow, or our combination brows that blend the best of both techniques. No matter what you choose, we guarantee a premium service that is unparalleled.

My services include:
Semi-permanent make-up
Lip tattoo
Ombré brows
Hairstroke brows
Million Dollar Facial
Eyelash Extensions

Contact Nicki Miles PMU in Basildon, Essex for more details about my semi-permanent make-up and skin treatments.

The team

Nicki Miles

Nicki Miles
Title: Mrs
First Name: Nicki
Last Name: Miles
Job Title: PMU Artist
Description: After having SPMU treatment myself, I absolutely loved it and wanted to get into the industry myself.

Niamh McCarthy-Jones

Title: Ms
First Name: Niamh
Last Name: McCarthy-Jones
Job Title: SPMU Artist
Description: Niamh is a talented artist and wanted to transfer her artistic flair into SPMU.

Do you want semi-permanent cosmetics services? Email Nicki Miles PMU in Basildon, Essex, and I will get back to you regarding an appointment or give you any advice you require.